DAS Consulting

Digitechx offers a host of consulting services for the enterprise. From managing RFP’s for your project, to overseeing a DAS build and everything in between, our consultants can help you navigate this complex and daunting process.

RFP Management

Not knowing the parameters of what you want can lead to an insufficient bid process. Utilizing our extensive knowledge can deliver a comprehensive bidding process to attain a level playing field for all participants in the bid process. This will ensure that all parties are proposing based on the proper scope and understand the requirements and objectives of the project.

Bid Analysis

Reviewing proposals can be vexing. Analysis of price, adherence to the RFP requirements, inclusions, exclusions, capabilities, experience, references and contractor financial stability are skills that our clients generally do not have. Digitechx provides a full suite of services and staff to effectively facilitate the bid process.

IDAS Carrier Negotiations

A Neutral Host DAS is nothing without the backhaul element. Without a carrier agreement, a NHS will not operate. Carrier negotiations is a relationship business, as there are more projects chasing carrier dollars than available. With demand outstripping the supply of carrier dollars to fund DAS, these relationships are crucial to attaining carrier participation. With carrier veterans at our helm, we have the knowledge and relationships to attain backhaul and carrier funding.

ERRCS AHJ Compliance

To organize code compliant solutions requires careful attention to local AHJ code. Although driven by NFPA, IFC and state level authorities, the local AHJ has final authority over your project. Knowing all of their adaptions to national code is imperative. With very little published information available, expertise and experience is the secret sauce to navigating many jurisdictions.